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Ian Stahl

Artist · Engineer

Innovation Out Loud specializes in original music composition and production. IOL provides original scores to multi-media projects including film, dance, and conceptual art. Most recently, IOL provided music for FearHaus, a film by Betsy award-winning choreographer and director Stacy Dawson-Stearns and cinematographer Jonathon Stearns. Stahl's compositions have been featured at the REDCAT New Original Works Festival in Los Angeles, CA, the Movement Research Festival in Brooklyn, NY, and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in the UK. As a composer-performer, Stahl actualizes the untapped auditory potential of visual mediums. His goal is to aid the artistic vision of his collaborators, drawing out the unexplored and unheard through his musical interpretation of the piece. Stahl utilizes his experience performing, composing, arranging, and producing original music to create pieces that evocatively accompany a variety of multi-media art forms. For more info, visit innovationoutloud.com